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Purpose in the design network of God suggests a deliberate plan or intention of God's manifestation upon the earth. God has always had manifestation as His intention to be central to the goals, plans and everyday live of those who are called by His name. It necessitates the practical dimensions comprising of strategic plans carried out in assignments. It also necessitates hearing and discerning the voice of the Lord which encompasses that which is known as the prophetic.
God's people have always been guided by His voice, in most instances His guidance has been through that "still, small voice". The interaction between hearing the truths and direction God gives is foundational to what we refer to as biblical truth. It is the aligning of the human heart to the heart of God that executes His plans and purpose for the lives of His people.
 These interaction unleashes the blessings of God not only for His chosen, but upon those that are connected to His chosen. God has called many of his people to be nation changers, change agents of this world, kingdom ambassadors, militant warriors and mighty intercessors.
All necessary tools and equipments are available at all times to carry out these assignments, all He requires is that His people put on their work clothes (The whole Armour) that they may be able to stand against the tricks of the evil one, the Devil.
We have indeed entered the KNOW ZONE, the zone of knowing and proving our God "The people that know their God, shall be strong, and do exploits" (Daniel 11:32). They will display strength and take action through the power and authority of God.
 Plan:             Kingdom Building in the Earthly Realm
Purpose:     Everyone be given the opportunity to enter
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